Welcome to ‘The Trepverter Effect’


Good morning, good evening and good night!

Hello! It’s Y.L. Mariano here, blog author and uni student. Y’all can call me Lei 🙂

A couple of things you might like to know about me:

  • I’m a university (uni) student, which means my posts are going to appear very sporadically and my replies even more so. (Apologies in advance) I will try to post at least once every month. (Please note the key word here: try)
  • More to the point, I am a very new uni student (i.e. just started). So, a lot of my posts are going to be about that (unsurprisingly)
  • Scripturient: possessing the violent urge to write (I get struck by a case of this at the most illogical and impractical times)
  • I love words and writing, so I’ll probably be posting some of my writing projects here (they will be accordingly tagged as ‘Y.L.M writes’). Please acknowledge that my words are my own; I am terribly paranoid about plagiarism (as all uni students are).
  • The Trepverter Effect: a personally cobbled together phrase; my intended meaning was ‘the condition where you find yourself coming up with really witty comebacks after a conversation occurs’. (I suffer this frequently and is part of the reason why I love to write; I can get my revenge on my slow wit)
  • I often try to be humorous, so please, bear with me. It gets better. (Maybe)
  • More will be revealed… *dramatic music swells*

Ahem. This blog is basically my online journal to collect my thoughts and experiences, and share them.

So, meander through at your own pace. Read it or not, here it is.

Welcome, one and all, to ‘The Trepverter Effect’.

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