Janus and Hecate

A Poem by Y.L.M. (#271015)

“It’s the beginning, I’m sure!”

Is it? a voice sneaks in. Or is it the end?

Janus smiles at you with his two bearded faces

Which one is the nice twin?

Good or evil? Janus says. Yes or no?

Beginning or end?

His head swivels back and forth, regarding you with both pairs of eyes as he flips a coin

From one hand to another

Heads or tails? Janus grins now, knowing you are trapped

it’s always heads with Janus

And the end of your tale.

Janus flips his coin

It spins, glittering, as you watch it

fall into the palm of another.

Hecate frowns disapprovingly at the two-faced god

Janus looks nervous, faces swinging back and forth

back and forth

You don’t feel any better off.

Hecate is smiling, but it is the smile of one who holds all the choices

in the palm of their hand

You stand at a crossroads

Janus is relegated to the sidewalk

Choose your path. Hecate smiles. Make your choice.

You choose.

Janus scowls.

Hecate is still smiling.

You walk away, still not sure

Whether you’re starting

Or finishing.


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