World Class

Please be warned; I wrote this little poem a few years ago, so it may seem a bit… simplistic. But, hey, when it comes to “peace on earth”, the idea is always simple. It’s the execution that always gets complicated.


A Poem by Y.L.M. (#050813)

Some people say the world is smart

But I say that it’s dumb

For not solving the problem

Of no food in a child’s tum


For all the temperatures rising

And all the trees that fall

You’d think with all our technology

That we could solve it all


But still the people argue

The nations poised to fight

For them it may be ‘well and good’

To us it’s just not right


There are children crying

Their tums are empty and sore

Outside the land is dying

I ask, “Whatever for?”


A growing population

A rise for different needs

You’d think that all the fineries

Would placate the people’s greed


Extinction levels rising

Ice caps melting too

Affecting all the animals

Especially me and you


If only we worked together

It’d be a better world for all

Children would not be crying

And forests wouldn’t fall


Some people say the world is dumb

But I say that it’s smart

If only we could work together

To mend our poor earth’s heart

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