Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Alright, let me hear y’all! ~”Is there anybody left alive out theeeerrreeeeeee????”~ Especially after the year that was 2016?

Oh, 2016. What a heck of a year you were. I don’t think words can truly describe you (although ‘an extreme disturbance in the Force’ comes fairly close). You marked the dawn of Donald in America, the deaths of some of Hollywood and Music’s greatest stars, (you even took a great scientist, and an astronaut, and who knows how many else?). And don’t even get me started on the ‘skirmishes’ (to put it very, very mildly) and natural disasters (no, really; please don’t). It was nuts. I will acknowledge that they happened, and we all should. But what’s important is that we work together to improve bad situations and change the world for the better.

In a complete 360, we did get some cool things. Leonardo Di Caprio finally won his hard-earned Oscar! (Goodbye, Leo memes.) We got some amazing movies including (but not limited to):

  • Finding Dory– Truth Time: I teared up.
  • Kubo and the Two Strings– “If you must blink, do it now…” Laika smashing out beautiful stop-motion animations like there’s no tomorrow (which is good, because tomorrow never really comes)
  • Deadpool– the most wicked movie of 2016, in all senses of the word
  • Captain America: Civil War– which blew Marvelite minds around the world
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens– in which we were blessed with a Rey of Sunshine, a smol Robot Ball, and a Stormtrooper gone good and the last appearance of their very own Princess-turned-General

    {Rest in peace, Miss Carrie Fisher. She came to us as a Princess. Lived life like a Rebel. And left us as the undisputed Queen and General. Or as she would have wanted it- Carrie Fisher died at age 60, drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra.}

  • Now You See Me (Now You Don’t) 2– I’m biased; I love Jack Wilder (also, that card scene?!)
  • Zootopia– which deserved so many kudos on so many levels (“It’s called a ‘hustle’, sweetheart.”)
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them– when I- I mean- the world fell in love with Newt Scamander, a small blue echidna-platypus, and their ragtag group of friends (and where I found my 2017 motto: “My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.”)
  • Moana– ok, so I technically watched it this year, but I’ve been listening to that soundtrack since last year, and it is as brilliant as the movie itself (We Know the Way is absolutely stunning)

Speaking of soundtracks, Hamilton: An American Musical took the world by storm, prompting the creation of an additional Hamilton Mixtape! (Which is easily as inspiring and awesome as the musical it is based on.) Needless to say, Hamilton helped me get through my first semester of university last year (as I have previously discussed in great detail). Lin-Manuel Miranda became a household name for writing Hamilton and also writing the songs in Moana! (I vote we give Lin-Manuel Miranda the award for ‘Best Human in 2016’. Or, at least, in the category of ‘Musicals’.)

Scientific breakthroughs of practical (and just plain awesome) proportions! (Referenced from this article from Wired.)

  • There are more wild tigers in the (well) wild!
  • Pandas aren’t endangered anymore
  • Scientists are getting ever closer to curing HIV
  • The Ice Bucket Challenge actually helped! (It funded a breakthrough in ALS research!)
  • NASA sent the satellite, Juno, to check up on the planet, Jupiter (Greek Mythology enthusiasts are eternally chuckling)
  • A solar-powered plane flew around the world, thanks to – you guessed it – the power of the sun
  • Countries took climate change seriously, with the Paris Climate Change agreement (“55 countries with 55% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions” are now working to reduce their emissions)

Of course, we should give an honourable mention to Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sun and Moon. (Not that I have either of them. Sadly.) And there were so many other things that happened on our lap around the sun. Just as it was before us (and will be in the future) the good, the bad, and the ugly, are all contained on our little ball of dirt. (Is it obvious that I watched Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey this year?)

And finally, in more personal news…

  • I started uni (and actually did really well in all my units)
  • I started learning German and the ukulele (though not simultaneously which would be pretty neat)
  • I started this blog! (Which will hopefully continue in 2017 lol)
  • I joined Twitter @heyymariano (although time will tell whether that was a good thing or not)
  • I even managed to sneak onto Wattpad; Y.L. Mariano, @heyymariano – why mess with a good formula, right? (That being said, it’s going to be tricky to tackle that while writing this blog… I’ll see how I go ~and there’s just no telling how far I’ll go…~)
  • I got a job! (Now to see how long I’ll hold it for…)
  • And I’m applying for another job! (Essentially: tutoring for a unit I did well in last semester, which I actually thought was pretty cool. Fingers crossed and wish me luck, if you can spare me some!)
  • Oh, and what was that other amazing thing that happened to me? … I went to my first official concert, which just so happened to be of my favourite band: Coldplay! (Huge thank you to the girl who made it possible! You know who you are 😉 )

So, 2016, it’s been… interesting, to say the least. You were a rollercoaster of a year, terrifying the world with screaming drops and gravity-defying loop-de-loops, but your time is over. It’s time for 2017 to take the spotlight. Let’s stick together and lift each other up. Let’s help each other out when the going gets tough. Let’s make the most of our opportunities, and if the opportunities aren’t there, let’s make them!

Remember, guys: 2017 is what you make of it. So, let’s make it a good one!


~Song of the Post: Hmm, this is a tricky one. I’d say a song from the Moana soundtrack, but I’ve already done that (and my advice is always just to listen to Moana regardless)… I’d also suggest a song from the Hamilton Mixtape (warning: there is some swearing), but there are too many good ones to try to narrow it down (I would personally suggest ‘Wrote My Way Out‘)… How about something new for a new year? … Oh, blast. The Joanne album by Lady Gaga, or the Sing soundtrack? Ok, ok, how about we kick 2016 to the curb with a classic? ‘I’m Still Standing‘ by Elton John, sung by Taron Egerton for the Sing movie. Good. Now, time to rock 2017!

[P.S. I made a playlist on Spotify that has all the songs that got me through the end of 2016 and will probably get me through 2017, aptly called ‘Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017! 🤘 #090117‘. It has songs from all of the soundtracks that I’ve mentioned, and it’s public; so, if you want to have a listen, feel free 🙂 ]

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