Nature Maketh Woman

A poem by Y.L.M. (#080317) ~ In honour of International Women’s Day 2017

What is woman?

The blushing maiden?

The nagging wife?

The wizened crone?

What is woman?

She is grace under fire.

She is the fort under siege.

She is the conquering queen.

She is the ship that withstands the storm.

She is the kiss of the blade as it slices through the pain, the anger, the injustice of it all.

What is woman?

The venerable saint?

The alluring sinner?

The despicable witch?

What is woman?

She is the eye of the hurricane.

She is the statue on a pedestal.

She is “look, don’t touch”.

She is the sursurrus of unspoken words.

She is the soul of the tormented, the heart of the hidden.

What is woman?

The golden trophy?

The patient flower?

The second best?

What is woman?

She is a work in progress.

She is the moon, the inconstant moon.

She is an unsolved puzzle.

She is poetry, moved.

She is a riddle unto the world.

What is woman?

She twists every tale told about her.

She turns to the paths less travelled.

She is a lover. She is a fighter.

She is a mother. She is a sister.

She is a wife. She is a daughter.

She is an athlete, an accountant, a student, a manager.

She is a teacher, a musician, a lawyer, a journalist.

She is a doctor, an artist, a scientist, a poet.

What is woman?

She is desperate to grow.

She is willing to fight.

She can be anything she wants to be.

She is a whirlwind of a woman.


“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we raise them. May we be them.”
– (Unknown)

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