On the Nature of Hope

“Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don’t give up.” – Anne Lamott


Hope, like the universe, begins in the dark. It winks in the inky void, like a candle in the night. It flickers a bit, adjusts itself, angles on just so… until Somebody catches on to its fidgeting. It freezes; a deer caught in headlights brighter than itself. And then that Somebody smiles. They wave and beckon Hope to come visit them. But Hope is wary. It knows all about being lost and abandoned. Even so, it finds itself being pulled towards that Somebody. There, safely in their arms, Hope brightens up even more; it has found a kindred soul. The Somebody smiles at Hope,

“I knew I’d find you one day.”

And Hope beams.

That Somebody is everything Hope has – well – hoped for. Kind and empathetic, but also determined and hard-working. Hope happily lights up their path as they toil away in the darkness, reminding that Somebody of why they work so hard. Hope shines as brightly as it can, chasing away the confused shadows who are unused to being challenged. The shadows have grown lazy and complacent; Hope blazes through them with gusto.

But sometimes, Hope isn’t enough on its own. The Somebody that Hope cares for starts to dim themselves. Hope dances in front of their eyes, desperate to be noticed. But their Somebody can’t even lift a finger to reach it.

Look up! Look up! Hope cries. But its cries are in vain. Hope floats sadly behind their Somebody, too tired to light their path.

But wait. What’s that, there, in the distance? Another flicker. Another candle lighting itself. Somebody else waves. Hope is drawn to this other flickering light. Could it be-?

A kindred spirit! The two humans wave at each other, grinning as they meet in the middle. Hope brightens up once more, egged on by the other light. But soon it turns from a competition to a dance as Hope zips around its friend. They spin and twirl, dancing ahead of the humans. They walk together, towards the line of light peeking up out of the darkness. The line floats, ethereal, up out of the darkness, out of the shadows. It stretches, yawns wide, and beams.

Hope basks in its glow. The humans nod to each other decisively, determination once again rekindled in their souls. They ask Hope the same question the dawn does,

Are you ready?

Hope doesn’t reply. Instead, Hope flies forward, illuminating the path once more.

And so, we humans continue our journeys. We may work, we may tire, we may toil away. But Hope will always be there, lighting up our path. Hope is there to lead us to the next moment, the next dawn, the next day.

All we have to do is have the courage to follow it.

To those brave souls who are fiercely fighting for love, truth, justice, empathy and Hope:

Our voices are not as loud

But we stand with you

We don’t stand out in the marching crowd

But we stand with you

We may not be as confident

We may not be as brave

We may not have the courage to speak out loud

But you stand with us

So we stand with you.


On behalf of the Introverts and Quiet Humans of the World, we promise to do our best to help champion love, empathy and understanding in this time of hardship, no matter what.

Love from,


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