To the Muses

A poem by Y.L.M #200616


The crashing and smashing and bashing of cymbals

The rolling the tumbling the rumbling drums

The double beat bass beat drum line he’s hitting

Matches the quick fire slick powered words that she’s spitting

As they play for their lives on the stage they call life

Where there’s no stopping for joy or for love or for strife


Hit while you can and strike while it’s hot

Scream out your pain, give it all that you’ve got

And if you’re lucky (or just damned plucky)

They’ll shout out your name and scream with your cries

They’ll beat out a new beat and drum to the skies

You’ll start a rebellion! a re-volt! a riot!

Any new singles and they’ll go out and buy it


But the show must go on

Not for fame or for money

But for the need to scream out when life’s not being funny


So give them a voice that they’ve all heard before

It’s one that wakes them at a quarter to four

It’s the voice that they hear when they stare at the floor

It’s the one that’ll get them through that door


Yes it’s one that they know and one they know well

So use it to tell ’em to go break that spell

Go out in the world, go raise some hell

Go do good for heaven, go ring those bells

Go for the gold, go out make some noise

You’ve got to keep fighting for the girls and the boys


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