Under the Influence

A poem by Y.L. Mariano #261017

Here’s to my fellow writers/writers-in-progress: Raise a glass! I hope you’re all smashing out the works you’ve always dreamed of writing; just in time for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) of course. 😉

We say ‘aspiring writer‘ like ‘recovering alcoholic

Hi, my name is _ and I’m a writer!

Not yet.

But the first step is always admitting you have a problem

And, buddy, have you got a problem


We say ‘I’m just finishing my novel‘ like we’re taking shots

Open your mouth

Down the hatch

And try not to cough

While your tongue gets burned by your white lies


We say ‘writer’s  block‘ like ‘hangover

A reminder that too much of a good thing can become a pain

In the head

But does that stop us from laying waste to another ten

Pages on the next round?

Hell no!

(Like we said: ‘recovering alcoholics‘)


For us, ‘bottoms up‘ means heads down and a sore neck

We can’t see the bottom of the glass

But we can burn a hole through a computer screen


When we say ‘taxi!‘ what we mean is we need to get home

Because we just thought of the best idea for our story

Our script

Our novella

And it’s too damn loud here

There, anywhere!


And when someone accuses us of being drunk

We slur: ‘Hell yeah!’

Because – Muses help us – we know we’re on a high now too

We’ve got ink in our veins

We’re swimming in a blur of words

And sometimes when we hit that moment of clarity

We are gods.


Every frenzied bout of manic scribbling, typing

Scratching down any and every idea

Makes us feel alive

When the words are rockin’

Don’t come knockin’

When the words start flowin’

That’s when you know when

You’ve become a writer.


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