41115. Valuable

The wealth of the world lay not in the palace of the gods;

It lay at the feet of the king of the Underworld.

Every day, Hades could feel the mortals digging

Getting under his skin

(or rather, Gaia’s skin)

Closer, ever closer

To the core that they so hoped would open their eyes to something

Foolish mortals, he would think

They searched below the crust to find the riches they thought they needed

He knew all about riches

They were his domain, after all

And so the mortals would drill and drill

As constant as the flow of the River Cocytus

That Hades watched winding past the Fields of Asphodel

Lamenting the riches that the mortals had lost


Dreams and hopes that never came to be

Moments missed

Joys that never saw the light of day

Love lost.

The wealth of the world lay at Hades’ feet

But his wealth was never meant for mortals and their constant drilling

The Cocytus flowed on

Hades watched, sighing

Persephone frowned,

“Something the matter, my lord?”

Hades smiled then, drinking in the sight of her,

“Nothing, my queen. Nothing at all.”

#041115 | Y.LM

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