Ace in the Hole

Ah, the joy of being a writer, hiding behind the scenes while your poor protagonists take the full brunt of your crusading imagination…

They watched the cards flip in front of their eyes. Again and again they showed the same thing; Boy survives, searches for Girl. Girl survives, searches for Boy. Again and again they lived through everything They threw at them. They should have been worried. They should have seen the warning signs. They should have been scared. Instead, They took sips of their respective drinks at the table.

He chuckled,

“Your Boy is good.”

She smirked,

“Not as good as your Girl.”

He shrugged noncomittally but didn’t reply. A card fell on the table; faded, plumes of smoke rolling off of it. She peered over at it and clicked Her tongue before sliding it back over to the black space.

“I hate it when a Word goes bad.” She sighed.

He shrugged again,

“You know the effects of Overuse.”

She hummed in agreement,

“Loss of Meaning.”

“So, what do we do?” He asked.

She frowned at the table,

“Better deal again.”

The cards reshuffled themselves and fanned out on the table before dealing themselves out. She eyed the black space where the dealer should have been,

“That was rather much, don’t you think?”

A card zipped towards Her face. She leaned to the side and snatched it out of the air with two fingers. She took a sip of Her drink before raising an eyebrow at the card. She nodded at Him,

“Go ahead.”

He checked His cards before tossing one onto the table,


She smirked,

“I see your Foreshadowing and raise you a Plot Twist.”

He gave Her a pointed look,

That was rather much, don’t you think?”

“Oh, your Girl can take it.” She chuckled, “And Foreshadowing? Really?”

He held His hands out,

“Hey, I’ve got to build some Suspense, y’know?”

She rolled Her eyes,

“Suspense is so two Pages ago. It’s time to Thicken up the Plot.”

“Geez,” He snorted, “Wait until they’ve crawled out of that Plot Twist before you start throwing them into the Deep End.”

She grinned and rubbed Her hands together,

“No way. We’re just getting to the Good Part.” She winked at Him and nodded at the black space, “Let’s see what these Protags are made of.”

To be continued… ?

[Based on this prompt from writing-prompt-s on tumblr]

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