15515. Invincibility

I am invincible

Every morning I am whole

I crumble as I stand

I fade as I speak

I shatter as I walk

Head held high

Eyes on the horizon

Unblinking, unwavering

I am invincible

I lose myself in the daylight

My shadow forever haunts me

So I stay in the sun

Looking up away from the ground

Away from the stone-hearted

Earth that welcomes my shadow

I am invincible

A wall of brick

A wall of iron

A wall of stone

But even bricks chip away

Iron rusts

Stone crumbles

I am cracked

I am rusted

I have crumbled

I am invincible

Creeping back to a place I call home

I drag my shattered pieces and heave them over my shoulder

I falter, I trip, I stumble

But I crawl on

I am invincible

Home. Rest.

I lie down, fragments of myself strewn around me

My eyes stare unblinking

Then close.

Rest, my mind whispers, then wake

I am invincible

The night is my blanket

I pull myself together

Hoist myself up

Put together the pieces

I am invincible


Wake and rise again

For you are the phoenix

And you will rise out of the ashes

From the fragments

From the pieces

Wake and rise

For you are invincible.

– Y.L.M

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