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Para sa ama ko | Mahal/o

The world at my fingertips. Because of you.

A quip on the tip of my tongue. Because of you.

A mind craving a challenge. Because of you.

So understated, unassuming, quiet.

Your presence may seem like background noise

But, my god.

The silence is deafening

Then again, you are not background noise, are you?

You never were.

You are not.

You are that gentle whisper in the night

Even when I caused you restless torment

You are the earnest bass line under the cacophony of the rhythm

Plucking at heartstrings

You are the heartbeat that carries on no matter what.

You are, you are, you are


You knew the meaning of the word long before you could translate it

Distilled it from your memories to pour into my cup

Hoping that is the only taste of it I will ever get

You forged your own path with your heart beating strong

You are, you are, you are.

There are no pretty metaphors to describe you.

No flowery similes.

No language.

You shrug off all attempts to be boxed in



Dear God,

I only pray that your heartbeat lives on

And rings in the ears of all.

I am, I am, I am…

– Y.LM

“This is the only thing I’ve ever had any faith in…

Grace, I know you carry us

Grace, and it was such a mess

Grace, I don’t say it enough

Grace, you are so loved…”

– ‘Grace‘ by Florence + the Machine

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