22616. Speak

Ina, thank you for teaching me how to brandish my voice and wield my words. 

It is not enough to be heard among the masses

If you do not have something worth saying


Start small: speak for yourself.

Use your voice

People may pull at strings, tying their tongues to twist tales

But you must weave your own story


Learn to control that quaver in your voice

Turn your stutter into a drum beat you can spit fire to

Turn your whispers into words that build a chorus

Turn your rasp into a roar

But do not fear the silence.


There is strength in silence.

There is courage in the quiet

In the stillness of solemnity

There is a chance to listen and learn.


The microphone is a precious commodity

That must be shared

Find those who are worthy to listen

And always find worth in listening to others.

– Y.L.M

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