Dear Journal

I’ve kept a journal for every year since 2015.

‘Great, you want a prize or something?’ many of you will scoff. And ok, fair enough.

The thing that makes these journals important to me, is that they are page-a-day journals, and every day for the last five years, I have been (trying to) write a page-a-day.

Sometimes they’re poems. Most of the time, they’re little scenes I want to incorporate into my stories- one day. Usually, there’s a bunch of fanfiction of varying degrees of quality and quantity, and rarely are they ever genuine journal entries documenting my day. (If there are, it’s usually because I’ve decided that whatever happened to me was good enough for me to inflict- I mean, let my characters experience.) I now have five page-a-day journals, filled with various writing pieces. Some pages are full, from top to bottom. Other pages only have a line or two on them. But no matter what, I always try to make sure I never leave a page blank.

This year was no different. Except for the layout.

This year, the journal I found for 2020 was unlined. Cue the metaphor/simile about breaking free from restrictions of lines et cetera, et cetera.

I joke, but I feel like it somehow has opened up the way I write. I’ve been daring to write my actual thoughts in the pages; just little observations that I make about myself or the world. I’m finding it easier to explore the way I think, and play with how I write. Maybe there is something in having an unlined journal.

Whatever the case is, I’m feeling adventurous with my writing this year.

A while ago, I read a piece of advice on Twitter suggesting that to be a writer, you’ve got to write everyday. Almost every author, will tell you that the only way to get anywhere in the writing industry is to write, write, write.

I used to think writing every day was enough to label me as a writer. But what does it all end up coming to? What’s the end game, the end result? I think that’s part of what spurred me to start a blog. Because if you don’t share what you write with anyone, can you really consider yourself a writer?

Writing isn’t a one-man-island kind of gig. Sure, it might seem that way, but being able to share what you write and consequently get feedback; that’s how you truly get into the spirit of writing.

It’s like that saying: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound?” If a writer writes poetry and stories and doesn’t let anyone read them, does it really make them a writer? I hate to break it to shy writers, but I personally don’t think so. Writers don’t exist in a vacuum, just as poetry and stories don’t exist in a vacuum.

But who am I kidding? In all honesty, I still am one of those shy writers! This blog doesn’t really show the full length and breadth of the stories I’ve tried to tell. I’m still trying my best to collate them, edit them, and above all, finish them!

But I’m trying. Slowly. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to share my stories.

  • Online, to keep me accountable? What if I have no readers? Does having any online readers even matter? (Besides, the Wattpad interface irritates me, and I unfortunately can’t find a better alternative…)
  • Sent to friends to read and get feedback? Not many people have that sort of time these days, and I would hate to waste anyone’s time.
  • Here, on this blog? Hmm. Doable, I think?

The point is, I’m ready to take that next step into the unknown (oh dip, here comes the ballad…). I just have to figure out the right direction. And how to juggle it all with my uni studies and work…

Well. Wish me luck! Or better yet, throw me some suggestions for online publishing! 😂

Yours in writing,

Yleia, a WIP (Writer In Progress)

Post theme song

I already referenced it, so I might as well commit: it’s ‘Into the Unknown‘ from Frozen 2, BUT let’s make it the Panic! At the Disco version just to be cool ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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