The name’s Y.L. Mariano (pen name: ylois), but y’all can call me¬†Lois ūüôā

A couple of things you might like to know about me:

  • I‚Äôm a university (uni)¬†student, which means my posts are going to appear very sporadically and my replies even more so. (Apologies in advance.) I will¬†try to post at least once¬†every month. (Please note the key word here: try)
  • Also, a¬†lot of my posts are going to be about university (unsurprisingly)
  • My pronouns are she/her
  • I’m from Australia, so mind the slang/spelling (I’ll try to explain the meanings/keep the Aussie slang to¬†a minimum where possible)
  • I am a Filipino (FilAus, if you will, and damn proud to be)
  • Scripturient: possessing the violent urge to write (I get struck by a case of this at the most illogical and impractical¬†times)
  • I love words and writing, so I‚Äôll probably be posting some of my writing projects here (they will be accordingly tagged as ‚ÄėY.L.M¬†writes‚Äô). Please acknowledge that my words are my own, unless stated otherwise; I am terribly paranoid about plagiarism (as all uni students are).
  • The Trepverter Effect: a personally cobbled together phrase; my intended meaning was ‚Äėthe condition in which you find yourself coming up with really witty comebacks after a conversation occurs‚Äô. (I suffer this frequently and is part of the reason why I love to write; I can get my revenge on my slow wit)
  • Daedalianism: well, the word ‘daedalian’ means ‘ingenious, intricate, and confusing’, from the ancient Athenian architect Daedalus. A ‘daedalianism’ is therefore something that is ‘ingenious, intricate, and confusing’- the first two are what I aim to achieve in my writing, and the last one is probably what it actually is; or at least, it’s what it can feel like to me sometimes. Another personally cobbled together phrase.
  • I often try to be humorous, so please, bear with me. It gets better. (Maybe)
  • You can also find me on Wattpad¬†(https://www.wattpad.com/user/heyymariano) and Instagram (under the handle @daedalianism) but it’s looking a little quiet on those fronts if I’m being honest.
  • I usually hang out on Twitter under the handle @daedalianism, where I try to be amusing, but mostly I’m retweeting a lot of great art, so there’s that I suppose!
  • More will be revealed‚Ķ *dramatic music swells*

Ahem. This blog is basically my online journal to collect my thoughts and experiences, and share them.

As I said before, occasionally (if I’m feeling particularly poetic), I might post some of my personal writing projects.¬†And if you’re¬†lucky, you might even see life from my lens… So, meander through at your own pace. Read it or not, here it is.

Welcome, one and all, to The Trepverter Effect.


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