24319. Just Another Love Poem

24319. Just Another Love Poem | Because love poetry is so overrated | "I'm not gonna write you a love song/'Cause you asked for it/'Cause you need one..." - 'Love Song' by Sara Bareilles

41115. Valuable

Or, 'Why Hades understands true love: a Poem' | #041115 |{I like to think that despite their disastrous 'courting period' (and after a couple of millenia to let the animosity to subside), Hades and Persephone end up becoming the poster couple for marriage (much to Hera's chagrin)} | Happy Valentine's Day... But may you be blessed with love every day of your life!

A Wonder to Behold

In which I have a lot of feelings about how beautiful 'Wonder' is and I attempt to put them into words. | Less a review, more an opinion piece | (But regardless of my opinion, do go and read/see it anyways!)

That Time of Year

"It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air." - W.T. Ellis Wishing everybody a happy holiday season! And never forget to spread kindness wherever you go!

To the Friends I Know I’ll Keep

I recently read a little article called ‘To the Friends I’m Scared to Lose’ . It reminisced about the memories of every high school squad, and it particularly struck a chord with my little group. As can be discerned from the title, it acknowledged how friends can drift away from each other after high school, and... Continue Reading →

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